2019 Holiday Shows!
UVDC will be having Holiday Shows again! Like last season, students will be divided into a few quaint performances for friends and family.

When? Saturday morning/afternoon, December 14th 2019. Showtimes TBA. (The  dancers will learn their routines and practice within their usual class times.) Dancers will only perform at one of the showtimes; which I will assign them.

Where? Central United Methodist Church in Stockton.  (This church is across the street from UOP where Morris Chapel and the music department are located.) We organize chairs in the  Fellowship Hall into an audience formation and have reserved seating. The dancers perform in a designated spot on the floor (no stage).

Who? All dancers’ currently enrolled for classes are welcome to sign-up.  As for guests, there may be a limited amount of passes which will be determined by the number of dancers who commit to perform at the event.

How does it work? I divide all of our dancers into a few showtimes so that the entire studio is not at the venue at the same time. We do this to accommodate everyone in a smaller venue than the theatre and provide a cozy quaint holiday atmosphere. This means that once everyone replies, I have to take the dancers that want to participate and divide them accordingly by what classes they are in, if they have siblings, and how many tickets they tell me they will need. This means that within every class, there will be groups. The entire class will not participate in the same show. EXAMPLE if I have a class of 10, I may put 5 from the class in one show and 5 in another. Or it may be 3 in one show and 7 in another. It all depends on the combination of classes each dancer takes and how I can make that work into everyones line-up so they only have to attend one show. This is why it is very important to provide me with accurate answers because if someone backs out or provides a higher or lower amount of passes needed, it affect the whole show and all of the families in it. Parents may video record and take pictures (no flash) at this event as long as it does not impose on other guests or distract the performers.

Financial Obligations?
Passes: All guests (including infants) must purchase a $10 pass prior to the performance and present it upon arrival at the show. (Strollers will not be permitted in the audience seating area.) Performers will receive a free Dancer Pass to enter which may ONLY be used for themselves during their showtime. YOU MUST HAVE A PASS TO ENTER. Be sure to provide your family with their pass before arriving. Nobody will be permitted to enter, without their pass being checked. (Notice! This means they may NOT come inside to get their pass from someone else or to wait for someone to bring it.  They need to have it before entering.) Reserved seating. Passes will goon sale Oct. 30th 2019 and the last day to purchase your requested number of passes is Nov. 7th 2019. It seems early, but you MUST provide your requested pass amount now, so I can organize the shows. If you should find out you need MORE, we cannot guarantee more later on.

Dance Attire: Dancers will NOT need to purchase a costume for this event. They will wear their regular class attire and a Holiday themed/colored hair bow of their choice. (Bows will be for sale in the boutique for your convenience, if you don’t already have one or don’t want to shop around.) All classes, except ballet and intro to dance, will need to have long solid black dance leggings. They must go at least as long as the ankle bone when pulled all the way up. (These are offered at the studio for purchase if you don’t want to have to shop around.  They are definitely long enough for all dancers and of good quality. If you choose to purchase elsewhere please make sure they are solid black with no sheer fabric or logos, do not ride up above the dancers ankle bone, and are also high enough at the waist so undergarments do not hang out. Thank you!)

Please submit your Holiday Show Survey no later than Thurs. Sept. 6th 9:00pm whether you ARE or ARE NOT participating. We know it seems early but it takes a lot of time figuring out how to divide the dancers so everyone gets what they need.  :)

Choose below:

Unique Visions Dance Company | 702 Porter Ave. Ste. B Stockton Ca. 95207 | +1.2094795384 (Ballet, Pointe, Jazz/Tap, Contemporary & Acro)